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Disabled bikers adaptions & aids twin lever system


United Kingdom
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. NEW DUALEVER TWIN CLUTCH/BRAKE LEVER. This exciting new innovation from Flatshifter is the perfect solution for motorcycle riders who are unable to use their right foot for rear brake operation or have left hand arm problems .This superb modular design enables independent operation of both front and rear brakes using just one hand.Alternatively it can be configured for clutch and brake operation, hydraulic and cable modules offer total versatilityCan be configured to work with both: front and rear brake, or clutch and brake. Has 2 separate lines. Fits 7/8" or 1" diameter handlebars. Symmetrical design enables right or left hand mounting. Cable and hydraulic operation possible in one assembly.

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Disabled motorcycle rider clutchless gearshift system & Dualever (Triumph 955i speed triple)

Dear Sirs,


My name is Olaf Jones (NABD membership number: 7300) and I have a left arm above elbow amputation.


I have just recently had my 955i Triumph Daytona/Speed triple adapted, to use the FlatShifter Dualever system for one handed operation, in conjunction with a FlatShifter Pro clutchless gearshift system.


The bike has been completely transformed!. It is extremely easy to ride using the twin Dualever setup, as there are a number of lever combinations and setups that can be achieved with this system. The ergonomics are excellent, fitting me perfectly.


The flatshifter Pro system allows me to both up shift and downshift without using the clutch, so that I can simplify my riding inputs by just using the brake, throttle and steering as required.


I cannot begin to explain the enormity of the transformation that these adaptions have made to my motorcycle riding experience. Using the clutch on my bike, other than starting off and coming to a complete stop, is now effectively redundant making my Triumph a semi-automatic motorcycle.


The systems are sensitive and respond instantly to my input, and as an ex-I.O.M. TT racer, I really appreciate the full/part throttle up shift and the clutchless auto-blip downshift. The brake system has plenty of feel and is more responsive and progressive than the standard Triumph setup, even using the same hoses. Clutch operation is also lighter than the standard Triumph setup  


When I took my bike to the workshop to be adapted I was greeted by both Keith and Bob, both gentlemen familiar to me as I’d met them previously when a friend’s bike was being fitted with a flatshifter push button gear change system, and Graham from Flatshifter who I’d not met before. The three guys had never adapted a Triumph triple with their systems before and it was all “hands on” to get the job done. It was as much a learning experience for the three guys doing the work as it was for me “supervising” their handiwork!.


What was really satisfying to see was the quality of the craftsmanship, not only of the componentry but also the standard of workmanship during fitting and fettling. The Triumph proved troublesome in that some parts had to be machined to fit and some parts had to be manufactured from scratch including bracketry for the fuel injection system.


The Flatshifter vacuum unit, one of the most critical components in the auto shift system, in particular had to be manufactured from scratch as the standard unit would not fit around the Triumph’s fuel injection system. Graham made a call and the unit was delivered within 48 hours. That’s the way to run a business, no bullshit and no excuses!.


I have nothing but praise and the greatest respect for the guys at Flatshifter for their dedication and professionalism. This was a difficult adaptation for them and they persevered where others may have failed.


I have to recommend them and their excellent systems very highly indeed!.


Olaf Jones




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